As the sun rose over the palaces and forts of Jaipur,
we headed out to explore this enthralling city.

It's elaborate architecture & royal residences became the
perfect backdrop for our Resort 2018 collection.
Follow us as we discover Jaipur.

We cooled off in the shade of white marble buildings which
were decorated with Medieval domes and gold finishings.

Between shots we soaked up the sun and lay under
the crystal clear blue skies at the Savista Resort.

The day's colour pallet was made up of turquoise waters,
terracotta tiles and perfectly white palaces.

As the sun began to set in Jaipur, the colours of India transformed
as the palaces went from white to pink.

If you are visiting Jaipur, you don't want to miss out as the sun sets
over the Man Sagar Lake. Soak up the last of the day's sun and enjoy
the mesmerising views of the Taj Mahal.


Muse: Schirin Frosch
Photographer: Michelle Van Dyke